Tom McBride


* ‘Morning in Glen Burnie’ winner in the 2013 International Songwriters Contest (ISC) as “Runner-Up” for Best Song in the Americana category. With over 20,000 entires internationally, ISC is the largest songwriting contest in the world.

* ‘But I Don’t Care’ Winner of the “GOLD” award for Best Song in the Adult Contemporary category in the 2012 MASC (Mid-Atlantic Songwriters Competition) presented by SAW.

* Top 5 Finalist in the 2012 American Songwriter Magazine & Martin Guitars “The Pub Deal” sponsored by HoriPro

* XEX Magazine’s “Artists to Watch” for 2014.

* Tom’s in studio interview and performance with KX 93.5 FM Laguna Beach, CA


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Baltimore City Paper – “(McBride’s) new album shows a sure command of roots music—not just Americana but also old-school soul music—with smart lyrics lending an original, personal twist to the templates.” – Jeffrey Himes, Baltimore City Paper

Twangville – “There’s a classic charm to McBride’s latest release. . . McBride writes songs with gentle melodies that ripple with a sense of melancholy.”
Mayer Danzig

The Vinyl District
– “The cure for your end-of-summer blues”.

Bootleg Magazine – “McBride comes on strong with Like A Lion, a rich and moody collection of reserved rock numbers that trade in excess and bombast of the rock genre for outright storytelling. Like a Lion is stark stuff, rich in imagery, the craftsmanship insistent on being atypical.”

Smother Magazine – “Indie alternative pop that shrugs aside notions that because it’s “indie” it has to sound small. “Like a Lion” boasts hauntingly familiar pop hooks and catchy harmonies amid smart songwriting and penmanship surrounded by a big band sound fit for a soulman like Bruce Springsteen.”

Austin Daze – “Faking you out and sounding like a seasoned vet, this D.C. area songwriter brings indie into the forefront without apology. ”

All Our Noise – “Tom McBride is a traveling man. Originally from Boston, the singer-songwriter spent also some time in Nashville before laying down roots around these here parts. From the sound of his songs, it seems his time in Tennessee served him well — influencing the band’s blend of folk, pop, rock, americana and soul. After self releasing an EP called Headed For in 2007, he invited some DC-area players to round out his band. The result is The Whig Party, a tightly knit group of musicians with clear chemistry.”



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