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Music Rewind: Watch Tom’s acoustic version of ‘O Holy Night’ from DC Setlist’s 2011 DIY music premiere
December 19 2014

Hard to believe but this was recorded 3 years ago while Tom was in Cambridge, Maryland. The music blog DC Setlist premiered this as part of their annual DIY Holiday song series.  Tom tracked and filmed this himself.  Happy holiday’s.


Pledge Music Update:  Album No 3:  Due to your support, we have surpassed the 20% mark on the new album and closing on 25%.  We are now in Week 3 of this fan-funded campaign. Thank you to everyone that has already participated in helping make this new album. 

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“When You’re All Mine” video, Part 2 of “Live @ Irving St”


Back in late January, I rolled out of the clouds on a cold-Sunday morning and met the guys from the Red Creek Wranglers to record a few of my songs, just because. We already threw-up the lone cover song we played, Willie’s “Angel Flying . . ” and here is song #2 of 4, “When You’re All Mine.” Thanks to Don Kim for the videography and Matt Malikowski up in Boston for the audio mix.   Enjoy.

– tom

Tom does Willie Nelson cover: Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground
March 20 2014

In 1980 Willie Nelson stared in a romantic-drama film called Honeysuckle Rose.  The soundtrack from the film includes a few original song from Willie, including this gem “Angel Flying too Close to the Ground”.    In January, McBride & the Red Creek Wranglers spent a Sunday morning off of Irving Street in Petworth, Washington DC recording a few of Tom’s originals including this Willie cover.  Enjoy.

Watch the live video here:  Tom does Willie / Angel Flying too Close to the Ground

NEW VIDEO: Live @ Dimension Sound Studios (Jamaica Plain, MA) – Morning in Glen Burnie
February 27 2013

In anticipation of Friday night’s album release show in Boston at the Lizard Lounge (tix here!) for my new record ‘Morning in Glen Burnie‘, I have posted a brand, spanking new video of me and the band (Kimon Kirk, Billy Beard, Lyle Brewer, Tom West) performing the song in Jamaica Plain’s Dimension Sound Studios.

Friend and engineer Dan Cardinal recorded and mixed the band live in the studio and the good folks at Extraneous Noise came by to help with the filming. Enjoy. See you Friday.

Tom McBride ‘Morning in Glen Burnie’ – Live @ Dimension Sound (Jamaica Plain, MA) from Tom McBride on Vimeo.

‘Brilliant Disguise’ cover version now posted
November 1 2012

A few days ago, I sat down in the home studio and decided to tape myself performing this Springsteen tune from the 1987 album “Tunnel of Love”. I’ve been performing this tune recently within longer sets, and as feedback has been great about it, I thought I’d share it with you all. I changed the vibe of the tune a bit, made it a bit more “twangy”, as they say. Hope you enjoy.


New video – The Seduction of Ms. Deborah D’Amore @ DC9 (5.2.2012)
September 5 2012

Tom McBride w. Sean McCauley & Matt Golden @ DC9, May 2nd, 2012

To purchase this song from the album ‘A Brief Head Spin’, please visit:

Lessons on how to film the last song of a show . .
July 16 2012

So a good friend of mine told me he taped the last song of my set last week (which was “Morning in Glen Burnie”) while I was playing a hometown show of sorts in Vienna, Virginia @ Jammin Java.  I was then told his iPhone crapped out and he only got the last few minutes.  As it turns out, he got the last few seconds.   But, he is still a good friend and was just trying to do me a nice favor I’m sure.  It was in fact, a fun show and a great crowd.  As I rarely remember to take photos myself of the venue and as I have been playing a lot more solo shows of late, I can’t possibly take them while performing  (well I could, if I wanted to make use of the camera switch on my iPhone . . but that’s for another tour perhaps), but it is nice every once in a while when someone sends along a photo or video of the show.   Keep em coming.

If you came to Vienna last week and showed-up really late, only to catch the end of my final song . . . um . .  this is what it looked like.

“Cantique de Noel”; or my DIY, DC Setlist Holiday jingle
December 16 2011

In the middle of working on some new material this week, I was asked by the kind folks at DC Setlist to submit a DIY song as part of their THE 2011 DC SETLIST HOLIDAY JINGLES. I was happy to remove myself from my own self-imposed, and quite tedious, writing escape and focus on an already well-known beautiful song, “O Holy Night” – which I learned was composed by Frenchman Adolphe Adam back in 1847. I chose “O Holy Night”, because well, its one of my favorites. Enjoy and Happy Holidays.


‘Morning in Glen Burnie’ – LIVE @ HOTEL CAFE; HOLLYWOOD
December 3 2011

Live @ Hotel Cafe, Hollywood, CA – October 14th, 2011

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