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Lessons on how to film the last song of a show . .

16 July 2012

So a good friend of mine told me he taped the last song of my set last week (which was “Morning in Glen Burnie”) while I was playing a hometown show of sorts in Vienna, Virginia @ Jammin Java.  I was then told his iPhone crapped out and he only got the last few minutes.  As it turns out, he got the last few seconds.   But, he is still a good friend and was just trying to do me a nice favor I’m sure.  It was in fact, a fun show and a great crowd.  As I rarely remember to take photos myself of the venue and as I have been playing a lot more solo shows of late, I can’t possibly take them while performing  (well I could, if I wanted to make use of the camera switch on my iPhone . . but that’s for another tour perhaps), but it is nice every once in a while when someone sends along a photo or video of the show.   Keep em coming.

If you came to Vienna last week and showed-up really late, only to catch the end of my final song . . . um . .  this is what it looked like.



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