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Lost Highway; WMBR 88.1 adds Wedding Suit & Tremblin’ Again
January 27, 2016

Our friends up in Boston at WMBR have added songs from Columbia (McBride’s new album) including “Wedding Suit” and “Tremblin’ Again” onto their weekly Lost Highway radio show hosted by Doug Gesler. You can listen to Doug’s Lost Highway show … READ MORE >>

Spotify’s Songpickr: 2015 Best Songs List
December 23, 2015

Songpickr, one of Spotify’s largest music curation playlists with a subscription of over 140,000 listeners, added Tom McBride’s new track Tremblin’ Again onto their Best of 2015 Playlist. You can listen HERE to the song Tremblin Again on Spotify. You … READ MORE >>

Tom performs @ The Circus Life Podcast (11.17.15)
November 19, 2015

Last week I drove into Falls Church, VA to visit Cue Recording Studios where the folks at The Circus Life Podcast broadcast their show each week. It was also a walk down memory lane at Cue Recording Studios where I … READ MORE >>

The Tamer Featured on Nashville’s “The Eldon Thacker Show” (11.8.15)
November 13, 2015

Tom McBride’s new track “The Tamer” was featured this past weekend on Nashville’s own The Eldon Thacker Show. (Broadcast date November 8th, 2015) Eldon broadcasts his eclectic roots and American music themed radio show each Sunday night LIVE in his … READ MORE >>


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